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About Us

Charagi Imam Saheb Masjid Waqf Estate is a Waqf organization which is registered under Waqf Registration Act. 1995. It was established on 26th April 1995, by a group of likeminded social workers who were working in the fields of basic health, Const. Mosque, Islamic Institutions, education, Qurbani, Iftar, environmental protection, rural development, women empowerment and human rights. Organization began with very limited resources as well as manpower. The organization aims to empowerment of the economically weaker & socially marginalized section of the society through capacity building of the people. .


The organization helps poor meritorious students every year with books, study materials and school uniform, as per their requirement and our capability. Totally 140 students are benefited by these activities..

President's Message

We conducted the development works for the poor member of the Minority Community, Women Schedule Caste, Schedule and Schedule Tribe and flood distressed people and inhabitants living, in a distressed condition.
Our resource are limited and due to lamited capacity we are unable to do the social work, properly and broadly, hence we request all persons, organisations and goverment and foriegn countries to donate, to contribute, to sanction grant for our future activities, for the down trodden people of the society we also look forward for support from donors both, indian and foriegn or from individual, society, trust and company. We thank local M.L.A. and M.P. for their kind co-operation and guidance.

Mohammad Nazrul Haque